Agora Coin: N 12579
Inventory Number:   N 12579
Section Number:   Δ-422
Category:   Coin
Notes:   Coin no. 2.
Casts stored in Lab Case No. 52C
Context:   South chamber of cistern H:8.
Obverse:   Head of Apollo r., laureate. Border of dots.
Reverse:   Α-[Θ]/Ε
Plemochoe. All within wheat wreath.
Negatives:   85-19-34
Weight:   1.67
Material:   Bronze
Metal:   Bronze
Chronology:   Ca. 140's B.C.
Date:   19 Apr 1932
Section:   Δ
Grid:   Δ:8/Η
Elevation:   -2.80
Masl:   -2.8m.
Deposit:   G 14:5
Period:   Greek
Region:   Attica
Authority:   Athens
Bibliography:   Agora XXVI, no. 103c, photo.
Published Type:   Svoronos (1923), pl. 106:48-51.
    Hesperia 45 (1976), pl. 3:77-79 (Type 13).
References:   Publication: Agora XXVI
Publication: Hesperia 45 (1976)
Deposit: G 14:5
Notebook: Δ-3
Notebook: Δ-4
Notebook Page: Δ-3-17 (pp. 413-414)
Notebook Page: Δ-4-91 (pp. 755-756)
Card: Δ-422