Agora Deposit: I 17:5
Title:   Drawshaft, Cistern Shaft at 63/ΚΓ
Category:   Cistern
Description:   Cistern shaft at 63/ΚΓ. Part of H-I 16-17 system. Contents of 3rd c. disturbed.
Part of extensive cistern system, of which one chamber, three drawshafts, and two blind tunnels were excavated (H 16:2, I 16:6, I 17:4)
Contents:   Coins:
13 May 1932 #10
Bibliography:   Agora XXIX, p. 457.
    Agora XXXIII, p. 362.
Chronology:   3rd c.
Date:   5-13 May 1932
Section:   ΣΤ'
Grid:   ΣΤ':63/ΚΓ
References:   Publication: Agora XXIX
Publication: Agora XXXIII
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Deposit: H-I 16-17