Agora Drawing: PD 862-a (DA 3931)Route of Pausanias.
Name:   PD 862-a (DA 3931)
PD:   PD 862-a
Title:   Route of Pausanias.
Artist:   John Travlos
Notes:   Tracing paper. Replacing PD 265; preceded by PD 265 and succeeded by PD 1206 and PD 1988.
Storage:   1-1
Negative:   LXVII-37
Condition Base:   Dirty
Material:   Heavy Tracing Paper
Medium:   Drafting Ink
Size Sheet:   0.255 x 0.310
Scale:   1:2000
Bibliography:   Hesperia 82 (2013), p. 242, fig. 1b.
    Agora III, pl. IV.
Date:   1954
References:   Publication: Agora III
Publication: Hesperia 82 (2013)