Agora Lot: Ν 117
Title:   Around Apse of Post-Odeion Building; On Strosis at Level of and Adjacent to Apses' Toichobate
Around Apse of Post-Odeion Building; Fill from Toichobate Level of Apse Down to Top of Good Walls
Around Apse of Post-Odeion Building; Burned Fill, just below Level of Good Walls to 0.15 below to change of Earth's Color
Keyword:   From Annotation
Chronology:   Early Turkish-Vandal
End of 4th-Beginning 5th A.D.
Late 1st A.D.
Section:   Ν
Grid:   Ν:9-11/ΞΔ-ΞΘ
References:   Notebook: Ν-8
Notebook Page: Ν-8-58 (pp. 1506-1507)
Notebook Page: Ν-8-68 (pp. 1526-1527)
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