Agora Object: Agora XII, no. 1489
Deposit:   B 15:2
Published Number:   AV 12.1489
References:   Object: P 19266
Wall fragment.

Amphoriskos. Thin fabric with a few white bits, the core black, the surfaces red and covered outside with a pinkish orange slip. Decoration in red, black and white: bands, and a double lotus motif in red similar to 1484 and 1485, but more careful. Imitation Cypriot.

Others, P 19533 S 19:3; P 2871 G 13:4 Hesperia, III, 1934, p. 326, fig. 9, A 68; white ware rather than blister ware, the neck restored too short. For the plump shape of P 2871 cf. Würzburg 672: Langlotz, W, pl. 254, to be compared with Cypriot "bottles" as S.C.E., IV, 3, fig. 24, 20. See also, from the Kerameikos (Sarcophagus 12, Grabbau V), with small smeared-on side handles; others from the Corinth area, cf. Corinth I-P 2822: Hesperia, XXXI, 1962, pl. 11 b and p. 25, 22, handleless.