Agora Object: Agora XXIX, no. 271
Dimensions:   H. 31.7; Diam. of body 37.0, of rim 33.5.
Chronology:   250-200
Deposit:   D 11:4, lower fill, and D 12:2, lower fill
Bibliography:   Agora XII, p. 24, note 51
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Published Number:   AV 29.271
References:   Object: P 6878
One handle and part of the other, and parts of wall and rim restored; over half of underside missing. Surface very pitted, especially on side B.

Molded foot in three degrees, with scraped grooves between lower two moldings; inner face of foot strongly convex. Very narrow, flat resting surface; convex underside. Two grooves with ridge between them at point of lower handle attachment, below main decorative register; another scraped groove further down, below subsidiary decorative register. Two scraped grooves below rim. Strap handles, flaring handle plates with concave sides and raised edges, knob in center of distal end; spurs below. Painted decoration in upper register is in orange, with highlights in white, details in dilute glaze. Side A (left to right). 1. Draped figure standing right; possibly Dionysos, more likely a worshiper (the dedicant?). Drapery of lower body visible, with a point of drapery hanging down at right.

Trace of paint halfway up body at right could be extended hand holding some object. 2. Altar with flame burning on top. 3. Column or pillar stands on plinth and supports rectangular plaque at top. 4. Artemis strides right, spearing panther with long lance held horizontally across her body. Bow and quiver clearly visible behind her right shoulder. She wears a stephane and her hair is drawn back in a bun.

Folds of a cloak are visible over her left arm. 5. Dog wearing brown collar leaps right, attacking panther. 6. Spotted panther with tail in curlicue leaps left onto the spear of Artemis, which enters his throat. 7. Naiskos consisting of post and lintel and raised base, with small figure elevated as though in a niche, standing three-quarters to left, with arms slightly bent; phiale in right hand.

Traces of a quiver(?) over left shoulder, and possibly traces of drapery at lower right. A line projects from top of head, possibly a horn or a kalathos. A second projection to right, shown on drawing, now obscured by flaking of glaze. 8. Stag with magnificent horns stands very erect, facing left. Side B (left to right). 1. Nude, bearded, and probably helmeted figure strides right, spearing animal with spear held diagonally across body. 2. Large animal, probably a lion, leaps left, rearing up almost as high as human figures.

3. Pointed pillar with two horizontal, dish-shaped elements at top.

Lacuna. 4. Figure with two arms raised to right, holding a weapon (probably an axe) ready to swing down and to left, probably at boar in front of him. 5. Boar running right in front of figure 4, speared in throat by figure 6. Spear enters his mouth below two curving tusks.

6. Male figure in chitoniskos running left, holding spear horizontally across lower body, driving it into mouth of boar. 7. Dog running left in front of pillar with rectangular plaque at top. All decoration in lower register in white. Running spiral around body. Above, on A, Maltese crosses alternate with starbursts. On B, crosses alternate with bow and quiver. Large pendent palmettes in white below handles, hanging down below lower edge of register. Shiny black glaze, mottled to red on one side and badly peeling; miltos. Graffito on lower body: Μενε̣κλῆς Διονύσω καὶ Ἀρτέμιδι.

Graffito was read as Μενοκλῆς by Lang (Agora XXI, G 21, p. 55); J. S. Traill suggests the reading Μενεκλῆς is more likely (per ep. September 25, 1991).