Agora Object: Agora XXIX, no. 377
Dimensions:   Max. p. dim. 3.9; H. of emblem 3.1.
Chronology:   Ca. 240?
Deposit:   H--K 12--14
Published Number:   AV 29.377
References:   Object: P 24038
Old Woman.

Emblem and small trace of wall.

Resting surface is a ridge, with another ridge within it; convex underside. Head of old woman with curly hair parted in center.

Deep-set eyes with bags under them; thin, wrinkled cheeks. Small lump of clay obscures left jaw. Paint on hair, eyebrows, eyelids, and mouth. Metallic black glaze.

From same mold, P 7521 (from modern fill at D 6); for type cf. T 1345 (D. B. Thompson 1965, no. 3, p. 71, pl. 21 [M 18:2]), which is larger.