Agora Object: Agora XXIX, no. 381
Dimensions:   Max. p. dim. 6.9.
Chronology:   240-200
Deposit:   D--E 15:1
Published Number:   AV 29.381
References:   Object: P 15395
Satyr Or Pan.

Floor of cup, with most of emblem preserved; partly broken at left.

Cup rests on ridge (very worn) with ridge within it, all surrounded by groove; convex underside. Exterior spirally grooved; eight grooves preserved. Emblem within scraped groove bordered by row of white dots.

Bust of satyr or Pan looking to viewer's right. Pointed ears; parallel ridges on top of head may be horns. Ivy leaves on head.

Nebris worn over shoulder and knotted over breast (hoof clearly visible at right). Knobby object over left shoulder. Paint on horns, ivy, ears, and cloak, and a nimbus of short, radiating strokes above head (now nearly invisible). Two tiny holes pierced above head of satyr for suspension. Metallic brown glaze.

From same mold: P 11442 (E 5:2, lower fill).

Same head as 382 but smaller. For satyr emblems see 332, 379, 382, 383.