Agora Object: Agora XXIX, no. 602
Dimensions:   Rest. H. 11.8; rest. Diam. of rim 28.4.
Chronology:   225-200
Deposit:   Q 8--9
Bibliography:   Agora XXVII, no. 211, p. 196, pl. 49.
    G. R. Edwards 1956, p. 90, note 12 and p. 107, under no. 120
    Hausmann 1959, p. 110, note 128 and p. 130, note 401
Published Number:   AV 29.602
References:   Object: P 20188
Several nonjoining sections, preserving one-fourth of rim, a few fragments of upper wall, one handle and half of the other; partially restored. Made in very fresh mold.

Scraped groove and ridge at top of moldmade area. Wall divided into two registers by ridge. Upper register: two-horse chariots driven to right. Lower register: cloaked figure facing right (Theseus wrestling with Marathonian bull), flanked by goat masks. Rim pattern: alternating rosettes and ribbed leaves; pairs of double spirals; cable; jeweling; ridge. Painted decoration inside and outside.

Outside, on rim: pairs of leaping dolphins spaced by branches; spiral wave pattern running right, filled in white below; two lines with row of dots between them. Inside, on rim: grapevine.

Main white wavy stem; leaves alternate with white dot rosettes.

Metallic black glaze; miltos.

Probably from Workshop A.

Theseus, probably from same stamp, occurs on fragments of two more kraters (P 19449, P 21042 [H--K 12--14]), on a moldmade amphora (455), and on moldmade bowls (e.g. P 10877 [Agora XXII, no. 189, p. 67, pl. 35, detail 3 (D 11:4, lower fill)]; G. R. Edwards 1956, no. 120, p. 107, pl. 50 [where other instances from the Agora are listed]). See also Agora XXII, pp. 23--24. Chariot similar (but not from same stamp) to that on P 401 (Agora XXII, no. 152, p. 62, pl. 78 [H 6:4]). For decoration inside rim cf. 601.