Agora Object: Agora XXX, no. 1365
Chronology:   Ca. 520-510 B.C.
Deposit:   H 12:15
Published Number:   AV 30.1365
References:   Object: P 23133
Floor fragment with part of narrow ring base. Circle on underside. Max. dim. 0.055. H. A. Thompson, Hesperia 23, 1954, pl. 15:a.

I, nude hetaira (legs, part of left shoulder and arm, right forearm and hand missing) reclining to left. She has a triple fillet around her head with loops hanging down in back and an earring. In her left hand she holds a krotalon. Incised line for contour of hair. Relief contour. Red: fillet.

The drawing on 1365 brings to mind Oltos, except that it is not quite as sure. Cf. Hebe on Tarquinia RC 6848 (ARV2 60, 66; Paralip. 327, 66; Addenda 165); Athena on Florence 1 B 24, which belongs to the same cup as Copenhagen, Thor. 100 and Rome, Villa Giulia no no. (ARV2 60, 67; Paralip. 327, 67; Addenda 165); and the woman dancing as well as the woman reclining on Copenhagen, Ny Carlsberg inv. 2700 (ARV2 63, 93; Addenda 165). There is also some resemblance to 1562 by the Painter of the Agora Chairias Cups.