Agora Object: P 37084
Inventory Number:   P 37084
Section Number:   ΒΗ 492
Excavation Number:   hobratschk:2012:f:158
Title:   Bowl
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Complete. Glaze worn and largely peeling. Some sign of burning.
Deep bowl on a narrow ring foot. Oblique wall and high vertical rim. Rim is slightly hanging with deep groove underneath. Two grooves below lip. Glazed inside and rim with splashes on lower wall.
Yellow-buff fabric. Red to dark brown glaze.
3rd-4th c. A.D.
Agora V, K 42-44 (P 3093, P 8498, P 8504).
Status:   Will Catalog
Conservation Status:   Finished
Context:   Well M 2:1, Layer 17.
Notebook Page:   3025
Dimensions:   H. 0.082; Diam. (largest) 0.180, (rim) 0.175, (foot) 0.060
Material:   Ceramic
Chronology:   3rd-4th c. A.D.
Date:   6 July 2012
Section:   ΒΗ
Grid:   M/1-2/19,20
Elevation:   42.2m.
Masl:   42.200m.
Deposit:   M 2:1
Lot:   Lot ΒΗ 732
Basket:   hobratschk:2012:b:37
Period:   Roman
Bibliography:   Boyer (2017), no. 7, p. 220, fig. 2.
    Hesperia 84 (2015), p. 487, no. 10, fig. 17.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 84 (2015)
Image: 2014.02.0502
Image: 2014.02.0503
Image: 2014.02.0504
Deposit: M 2:1