Agora Object: P 595
Inventory Number:   P 595
Section Number:   ΣΤ' 92
Title:   Moldmade Bowl
ΤΙΤΛΟΣ:   Σκύφος με ρόδακα στο μετάλλιο 145 - 86 π.Χ. περίπου
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Mended from many pieces; about two-thirds preserved.
Central medallion: rosette. Sides fluted. Above fluting, broad shallow groove above which is an undecorated band, 0.018m. wide. Scraped grooves colored with miltos just below rim and around base medallion.
Attic clay. Glaze blackest near rim outside; stacking(?) line (red) near bottom inside. Lower part fired chocolate brown.
Cf. Agora XXII, nos. 327, 352.
ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ:   Μεγαρικός σκύφος. Σώζονται τα 2/3 του αγγείου. Στη βάση φέρει κόσμημα ρόδακος.
Context:   Pithos.
Negatives:   Leica, color slide
PD Number:   PD 327
Dimensions:   Diam. 0.12; H. 0.07
Date:   22 April 1932
Section:   ΣΤ'
Grid:   ΣΤ':53/Δ
Deposit:   H 16:4
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   AJA 45 (1941), p. 218, n. 68b.
    Hesperia 3 (1934), no. D 39.
Published Type:   Agora XXII, nos. 327, 352.
References:   Publication: Agora XXII
Publication: Hesperia 3 (1934)
Publication Page: Agora 22, s. 100, p. 83
Publication Page: Agora 22, s. 103, p. 86
Publication Page: Agora 22, s. 130, p. 113
Drawing: PD 327 (DA 5923)
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Deposit: H 16:4
Card: P 595