Agora Object: S 312
Inventory Number:   S 312
Section Number:   Η' 82
Title:   Winged Nike: Akroterion
Category:   Sculpture
Description:   Missing: head, right arm just below shoulder, left arm, right leg from immediately above knee, left leg from immediately above ankle; parts of the cloak at the back gone, also the fragments of drapery corresponding to the missing members of the body.
The statue stands on a plinth; above this another small platform from which the actual figure springs. The figure is "knee-running" to the right, with her right arm raised, her left holding its mantle, and her head apparently front. Her thin chiton, fastened on either shoulder and with its overfold girt with a double girdle, clings closely to her body. One of the lines of the girdle binds her natural waistline; the second is tied immediately below her breasts in a bow knot. A fold of the chiton is looped up over the lower of these girdles.
The back is roughly finished in large surfaces, evidently it was not meant to be seen, but the working of the drapery at the front is minute in its detail. The folds follow an infinite variety of forms and the selvage at the right edge of the overfold is carefully indicated.
A left hand, holding part of her mantle, was found close to the Nike. Also many other small fragments were found including feet (a right foot and ankle joins the bare leg S 1665 (Η 791), parts of wings (the tenon of one of which fits into the socket prepared for it on the shoulder of this Nike), the forepart of a head (S 373) and the lower part of the face of another etc. The last fragment actually joins the Nike, see notebook H' p. 1034 and photo. Drapery fragments: S 2207, S 2336.
Pentelic marble.
Fastened to base in Stoa Colonnade with two bronze rods cemented with plaster into two drilled holes, June 1957.
Attributed to Kallimachos in doctoral dissertation by B. Schlorb.
S 312 Μ2 - S 312 Μ13, S 312 Ν1 - S 312 Ν3, S 312 Ξ1 - S 312 Ξ7,
S 312 Ο1 - S 312 Ο2
Notes:   Agora Sample 656-S.
Conservation Status:   Finished
Context:   Front face of statue lying upward on the soft dirt floor. Buried in loose earth containing some ashes and fragments of lamps (type XXVIII). It lay almost due east-west, with head toward the east. Built into N.W. corner of ancient lime slaking pit (I 7:2).
Negatives:   Leica, 3-209, 3-210, 3-211, 3-112, 3-113, 3-114, 3-115, 4-239, 5-25, 5-26, 5-27, LV-16, LV-17, LV-19, LV-20, LXXV-26, LXXV-27, LXXV-31, LXXV-32, LXXV-33, LXXV-36, LXXV-37, LXXV-38, 80-16-15, 86-27, 86-28, 86-29, 94-17-4, 94-17-5, 94-17-6, 94-17-7, color slide
Dimensions:   P.H. 1.29; H. (plinth) 0.08-0.105; P.W. ca. 0.72; W. (plinth) 0.503; Th. ca. 0.423, (plinth) 0.27; Max. Dim. (hand) 0.247
Material:   Marble (Pentelic)
Date:   21 March 1933
Section:   Η'
Grid:   Η':24/ΝΣΤ
Elevation:   54.20m.
Masl:   54.2m.
Deposit:   I 7:2
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