Agora Object: S 359
Inventory Number:   S 359
Section Number:   Θ 1298
Title:   Portrait Head Fragment of Female Figure
Category:   Sculpture
Description:   Chopped off behind and much battered, the features nearly gone.
The high coiffure is Flavian, with rows of snail-shell curls in an erection over the forehead, drill holes in the center of each curl. Round faces; traces of incised outline for pupil.
Pentelic marble.
Drilled for setting on base June 1950.
Context:   Trench T, in modern cellar wall, with S 360 and S 361.
Negatives:   Leica, XLIII-31
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.285; P.W. 0.204; P.Th. ca. 0.18
Material:   Marble (Pentelic)
Chronology:   Flavian period.
Date:   9 May 1933
Section:   Θ
Grid:   Θ:24/ΜΘ
Period:   Roman
Bibliography:   Agora I, no. 16, p. 27, pl. 11.
References:   Publication: Agora I
Publication Page: Agora 1, s. 41, p. 27
Publication Page: Agora 1, s. 121, p. 107
Image: 2012.52.1223 (XLIII-31)
Image: 2002.03.0472 (XLIII-31)
Card: S 359