Agora Object: S 731
Inventory Number:   S 731
Section Number:   ΠΘ 1353
Title:   Statuette of Mother of the Gods
Category:   Sculpture
Description:   Left hand missing, and part of right braid.
The Mother sits on a throne, wearing a low polos and a girded chiton. Her cloak is carried across her lap from right to left, and hangs down beside her left leg. Her hair, parted in the middle, falls in a braid in front of each shoulder. In her right hand she holds a patera. The right support of the chair is carved in relief to represent a lion. Back of statuette left rough, head stained from contact with iron.
Parian (?) marble.
Context:   Well. From top of well which went out of use in mid 3rd c. B.C. (H.S.R.).
Negatives:   Leica, 6-209, 82-652, 97-13-29a, 97-13-30a
Dimensions:   H. 0.338; W. 0.213; Th. 0.148
Material:   Marble
Date:   24 April 1936
Section:   ΠΘ
Grid:   ΠΘ:64/ΚΘ
Elevation:   -16--16m.
Masl:   -16m.
Deposit:   C 12:1.1
Bibliography:   AgoraPicBk 27 (2006), p. 37, fig. 40.
    Hesperia 23 (1954), p. 181, pl. 40 a.
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Deposit: C 12:1
Deposit: C 12:1.1
Card: S 731
Card: S 731