Agora Report: 1937 Υ
Title:   Section Υ
1937 Excavation Summary
Author:   Rodney S. Young
Abstract:   Section Υ had suffered from modern leveling operations and in some parts there were no visible antiquities. In the southeast corner were traces of Proto-Geometric grave cuttings. Excavation revealed the foundations of a large rectangular structure, probably the court of a Byzantine house still beneath modern houses. In one corner of the court was a well and a trough. The well was excavated and objects from Byzantine and Roman periods were found. In addition, a Hellenistic chamber cistern was dug and amongst the finds were several stamped amphora handles. A rectangular stone structure turned out to be a Byzantine tomb containing thirteen skeletons. Through the section runs a drain which probably went out of use in time of the Herulian intrusion. At the north end the drain was cut in an ancient road fill and probably the ancient street originally ran over the drain for the whole length of its course. Beside the road, parts of two ancient retaining walls are preserved. A skeleton, probably a victim of the Greek War of Independence, was uncovered. Finally, seven more wells and one more cistern were dug.
Date:   1 Oct 1936-24 Apr 1937
Section:   Υ
Keyword:   Checked
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