Agora Report: 1939 ΜΜ
Title:   Section ΜΜ
Season of 1939
Author:   Homer A. Thompson
Abstract:   Section Μ was to be refilled this year and supplementary explorations took place to resolve some remaining obscurities. The most significant discovery was a road running northwest-southeast, probably the principal road in antiquity between the region of the Agora and that of the Sacred and the Dipylon Gates. The history of the road is well documented by the pottery from its successive layers of gravel, the earliest being Neolithic, going down to at least Roman times.
New evidence for the history of the lesser roadway between the main road and the foot of Kolonos was also brought to light. Originally an alley, it was buried in earth filling and formed into a new wider road in the Augustan period. It was bordered by a Doric colonnade on the north side and by buildings and enclosures on the south side, where also foundations of a monumental stairway giving access to the hilltop were revealed.
Apart from the roadways, an interesting discovery was a pit filled with refuse from the Persian destruction.
Remains of various buildings from various periods were also documented.
Date:   20 Feb-8 Apr 1939
Section:   ΜΜ
Comments:   This report has three parts: The Augustan Street; Note on Early East-West Road; Section ΜΜ Season of 1939
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