Agora Report: 1939 ΝΝ
Title:   Section ΝΝ
Season of 1939
Author:   Rodney S. Young
Abstract:   Section ΝΝ lies at the mouth of the valley between Pnyx and Areopagus, which was the important thoroughfare from the Agora to the Pnyx and to the southern parts of the city, as well as to the Piraeus Gate, and it is outside the area of the public buildings of the Agora.
The filling over the whole area was very deep, most of it washed down from the surrounding slopes. The whole section was cleared down to ancient or Byzantine levels. Extensive remains of private houses and a bath of the Roman period were discovered, as well as walls of houses from earlier periods. The Great Drain traverses the whole section and part of its course was opened. Other drains, and also parts of several roads, were examined.
At the southeast side of the section the hillside was occupied by an archaic cemetery. Twenty-two graves were opened. In addition, twenty-one sacrificial pits were found.
Eleven wells were found, of which two were completely cleaned out.
Over 1500 objects were catalogued, mostly amphora handles. The most important group of finds is the pottery from the archaic graves.
Date:   26 Sep 1938-24 Jun 1939
Section:   ΝΝ
Keyword:   Checked
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