Agora Report: 1946 Χ
Title:   Section X
Miscellaneous Notes Compiled in Summer of 1946
Author:   Margaret Crosby
Abstract:   This report is a summary of the excavations taken place in 1937 as well as in 1946.
Some pottery indicate habitation in the area from the Geometric period. Two shallow graves of the 6th and 5th centuries B.C. were found, probably children's graves set under the house floor. A small circular pit (6th-5th c. B.C.), a rectangular refuse pit (ca. 480 B.C), and a well (ca. 420 B.C.) were found in the same area. The lower part of another 5th century B.C. well was also found.
No traces of walls and floors from the 4th-5th centuries B.C. were found, but cisterns, wells, and drain trenches give clear indication of continuous habitation.
A Roman period water channel and a drain were uncovered, and a well, "The Amphora Well", was dug. Roman House A was excavated and four rooms were revealed.
A late Roman well was partly excavated. No traces of the latest Romans period were found, and the only Byzantine fill dug was an early Byzantine well.
Date:   27 May-21 Jun 1946
Section:   Χ
Comments:   This report is more or less the same as the Χ 1937 report since it was believed in 1946 that no report had been written in 1937. The notebook pages from the 1937 notebooks have therefore been linked to both reports.
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