Agora Report: 1951 Excavations
Title:   Excavation in the Athenian Agora: 1951
Author:   Homer A. Thompson
Abstract:   A report on the 1951 excavations presented at the Open Meeting of the ASCSA, March 20, 1952.
Field work was concentrated in the market place proper, and large areas in the west, north central and southeastern parts were cleared down to the early Roman level.
New topographical discoveries were made, among them a temple of the early Roman period, and new information was gained regarding previously known monuments such as the Peribolos of the Twelve Gods, the Temple of Ares and the Middle Stoa. Modest conservation and reconstruction were carried out on some monuments.
A number of chamber tombs and individual graves from the 16th to the 10th centuries B.C. were explored.
Date:   9 Apr-31 Aug 1951
Section:   Ε
Keyword:   Checked
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