Agora Report: 1954 Ζ
Title:   Section Ζ, 1954 Excavation Report
Author:   Dorothy Burr Thompson
Abstract:   The area excavated in 1954 fn Section Ζ φell within the Middle Stoa to the east, the Great Drain to the north and west, and the terrace walls to the south. Various parts had been previously excavated under other section names.
The excavation started at the 3rd century A.D. level and was brought down to the level of ca. 300 B.C., in some places deeper.
Date:   16 Apr-6 Jul 1954
Section:   Ζ
Keyword:   Checked
PDF:   1954 Ζ.pdf
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Object: P 24016
Deposit: H 13:4
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