Agora Report: 1957 Excavations Φ, Χ, Ψ
Title:   Sections Φ, Χ, Ψ, April-June 1957
Author:   A. L. Boegehold
Abstract:   Three private dwellings, already known from the preliminary excavation of 1937, formed the major themes of the investigation this year: Southwest House, Polygonal House and Late Roman House and Water Channel. Most of the excavation was carried out in Section Φ. In the report each building is treated separately, and then a summary point out how they are related to one another.
Date:   10 Mar-12 Aug 1957
Section:   Φ
Keyword:   Checked
PDF:   1957 Excavations Φ, Χ, Ψ.pdf
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