Agora Report: 1959 Ψ
Title:   Section Ψ
Supplementary Exploration: July-August 1959
Author:   Eugene Vanderpool
Abstract:   Excavations in Section Ψ did not go to the bottom throughout the area; considerable masses of early fill were left. Instead, late disturbances and test cuts down to bedrock revealed enough of both stratification and structural remains to estimate that nothing of great consequence escaped the attention of the excavators.
The earliest habitation in the area were of the 7th century B.C. From then on the area was occupied by private houses continuously down to the Herulian sack of 267 A.D. and appears to have been in parts reoccupied until the 7th century. The houses of all periods seems to have been of very modest nature.
Date:   29 Jul-20 Aug 1959
Section:   Ψ
Keyword:   Checked
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