Agora Report: 1967 Ε
Title:   Section Ε: 1967
Author:   T. Leslie Shear, Jr.
Abstract:   The campaign of 1967 included both excavation and architectural study of various monuments in Section Ε along the east side of the Great Drain.
Excavation took place in and about the Peribolos of the Eponymous Heroes and the monuments immediately adjacent to it. Additionally five cross trenches were opened to test the stratification of the area and the history of the Great Drain. One of the trenches was dug from the Great Drain to the steps of the Marble Altar and gave evidence for the history of the monuments north of the Eponymous Heroes and the chronology of the Marble Altar.
An early well was discovered and partly excavated.
Date:   4 Jun-2 Aug 1967
Section:   Ε
Keyword:   Checked
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