Agora Report: 1968 Κ
Title:   Excavation Summary Section K: 1968
Author:   S. Grobel
Abstract:   Excavations in Section Κ were conducted in the Marble Worker's Establishment, a series of rooms grouped around a courtyard. A cistern and well (F 16:8) were discovered and excavated, as well as a pit (Pit I) and a pyre burial (F 16:7). Excavations were also carried out in the Roman Fountain House and the Roman Cistern connected to the fountain house.
Much of Section ΣΤ, excavated in 1932 and then filled-in, were reopened to explore the road and drainage system in the southwest Agora. A retaining wall along the Triangular Temenos and a Geometric Grave were discovered.
A small area of the intersection between the South Street and Piraeus Street was excavated.
Section:   Κ
Keyword:   Checked
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