[Agora Object] B 104: Ram

Small ram. The feet corroded away. Round and solid. For P 2016 cf. Agora XII, no. 1370. Lying on classical floor, at N.E. corner of small rectangular building to south of "Royal stoa" with P 2016. 5th ... 18 May 1933 ... Agora


[Agora Image] 2017.11.0024

Thasian amphora handle stamp ... Chavdar Tzochev ... Scale 1:1 Horizontal (normal) ... 20 May 2010 ... Agora


[Agora Image] 2017.11.0027

Thasian amphora handle stamp ... Chavdar Tzochev ... Scale 1:1 Horizontal (normal) ... 15 Mar 2013 ... Agora

[Agora Coin] N 53014: Athens, ca. 140-90 B.C., bronze

Athens ... Coin no. 6. Researcher: Katerini Liampi, 4 Feb 2007. Finished N-S Street, west side, layer 1. Head of Artemis r.. Border of dots. Α-Θ Plemochoe. All within wreath. 2010 ... Ca. 140-90 B.C ... Athens, ca. 140-90 B.C., bronze

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 104

Handle missing. Disc foot. Broad ribs from base of neck to just above foot ... Early 4th c. B.C ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 104

Two non-joining wall fragments. Max. dim. a) 0.064, b) 0.052. Male seated to left, with two spears. Fragment a shows his right thigh and knee, his left knee with the left hand resting on it. Above and ... Ca. 420-410 B.C ... Agora


[Agora Object] B 30: Female Head : Nike

Two thirds life size. Preserved intact save for eyeballs which probably were inset. Hair gathered up from all sides to a stout peg in middle of crown. Terminates in front below throat in a triangular projection ... 27 February 1932 ... Agora