[Agora Object] P 22550: Oinochoe

Small fragments missing from lip; restored in plaster. Shape type I (R-M); double rolled handle. Panel on right side filled with lion head, to right. Pot-hooks pendent from top; in field, filling ornaments: ... 21 July 1952 ... Agora ... Stoa Gallery-Case No. 3.1


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 23, s. 55, p. 39

Oinochoai. Oinochoai; Olpai. Oinochoai; Olpai; Trefoil Mouth. Gorgon Painter. Agora XII, pp. 58-63, 76-78. Delos 591. ABV 15, 27. Paralip. 9, 27. ABV, chaps. 28-31. Kerameikos VI, ii, pp. 173-181. Karouzou, ... Agora 23 39 ... Agora VIII, no 544 ... Agora VIII, pp. 35-41 ... Agora XII, pp. 58-63, 76-78


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 3, s. 176, p. 166

Prytaneion. I.G. II (2), 2877. Pausanias, I, 18. Pausanias, I, 26. Pausanias, I, 18, 3. Pollux, VIII, 128. I.G. II (2), 1283. Pollux, VIII, 120. Pausanias, I, 28. I.G. II (2), 1006. I.G. II (2), 1042 ... Agora 3 166 ... 2nd-3rd A.D ... Pollux, VIII, 128 ... Pollux, VIII, 120

[Agora Object] P 26724: Lebes

Much restored in plaster. Foot missing. Numerous fragments preserve two handles and part of rim and wall. Flat rim, set off from shoulder by a deep groove. Slightly concave lug handles decorated with two ... 26 June 1959 ... Agora ... Study Collections-Case No. 113-3/2

[Agora Object] Agora XXX, no. 544

Wall fragment. Youth or man (right forearm and hand, part of draped hip), probably standing frontally. The scale of this figure is too small to come from the same compositions as those on 543 ... 4th century B.C ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 544

Half of rim and small pieces of wall and handle missing. Slightly concave underside with string marks. Baggy profile. Dull red glaze ... Late 2nd to 1st century ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XII, no. 544

Foot, most of floor and start of wall. Flaring ring foot; lower part of wall concave, a groove at its junction with the upper wall. Reserved: underside with glazed circle, band, circle and dot. Decoration ... Ca. 425 B.C ... Agora

[Agora Object] BI 544: Bone Pin

Intact. A pointed one, round in section, re-sharpened at tip; tapering towards tip and head. The head a rough oval knob. The bone discolored brown. Well, earth. Leica, LIX-60 ... 22 June 1939 ... Agora ... Study Collections-Case No. 4-Ε