[Agora Publication Page] Agora 11, s. 178, p. 159

Arm from Small Herm. Shaft of Miniature Herm. R.S. Young, Hesperia, XX, 1951, p. 271, no. 2, pl. 84, b. Arm of Miniature Herm. R.S. Young, Hesperia, XX, 1951, p. 271, no. 3, pl. 84, b. Arm of Small Herm ... Agora 11 159 S 1426 S 1567 S 1443 S 1427 S 888 S 119 S 2121 N 19:1 M-N 15:1 ... 4th B.C ... Robinson, Agora, V, Group F


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 243, p. 227

Well. Hesperia, VIII, 1939, pp. 214, 216-217. Cistern. Howland type 39. Fill. Howland type 44 D. Hesperia, XXIV, 1955, p. 283, no. 6. Other. Howland type 40 A. Agora, IV, pp. 242-243. Agora, V, Group H, ... Agora 7 227 M 20:2 N 21:1 M-Q 17-21 O 17:1 O 17:4 O 18:1 O 18:3 N 13:1 O 20:1 N 15:1 P 7:4 N 17:2 P 8:1 N 19:1 P 18:1 P 18:2 N 19:2 Q 7:3 N 20:3 N 20:5 Q 13:1 Q 13:3 ... Early 1st-Late 5th A.D ... Agora, V, Group F, pp. 10-21 ... Agora, V, Group H, pp. 46-49 ... Agora, IV, pp. 242-243


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 245, p. 229

Index. General Index. A-. Athena. Abaskantos. Achilles. Athens. Athena Promachos. Shrine of Demos and the Graces. Aegean area. Dipoleia. Africa. Hephaisteion cult statue. Agapios. Herulian destruction ... Agora 7 229 N 19:1 D 4:1 P 8:1 C 12:1 Q 15:1 F 19:1 M 17:1 ... Agora, V, Group F ... Agora, V, Groups ... Agora, V, Group G


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 4, s. 253, p. 243

Type 23 C Prime; Flat Rims; Tall Closed Bodies; Unglazed Exteriors. Type 27 A; Small Lamps with Central Tubes; Small Blunt Nozzles; Flat Rims. Type 37 Variants; Collars or Collar-Like Rims; Various Additional ... Agora 4 243 O 7:9 N 19:2 O 12:1 N 20:1 O 18:2 N 20:4 O 19:3 O 20:3 N 20:5 N 20:6 N 20:7 P 7:2 N 21:3 N 21:4 P 8:2 ... Early 3rd B.C ... Agora V, Group F ... Type 52 F; Early Roman; Rays without Lugs; Flat Tops; Channels on Nozzles

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1579

Two-handled Cup. Handles and about half of body restored. Pointed underside. Three large palmettes within coarse rouletting on floor. Light brown fabric (7.5YR 6/4); dull gray glaze inside, orange on ... Context of 110-75 ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 19:1: Stratified well

Roman Group L. Layer I (cont. 59-64) Pre-Herulian second half of 3rd c. (bottom, 15.95-13.90). Layer II (cont. 42-58) 4th c.-first quarter of 4th c. (11.90-13.90). Layer III (cont. 17-41) -4th c. (10.00 ... Second half 3rd c.-early 5th c. A.D ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 12:3.1: Top Group

290-250 B.C ... Top Group


[Agora Drawing] PD 138 (DA 3452)

Cistern D (79/ΜΗ-84/NΣT) in section X ... John Travlos ... Roman Group F. XIII-8 XIII-8 Dirty Cartridge Paper Drafting Ink ... 1937 ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 6:3: West Chamber

The West Chamber of a double cistern lying between the northeast corner of the Theseion and the Annex to the Stoa of Zeus Eleftherios. ... Both chambers went out of use as water containers simultaneously ... 225-165 B.C ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1712

Plate. Parts of floor and rim restored. Angular foot; rounded resting surface; irregularly convex underside. Straight wall, slightly flaring at top. Plain rim. Micaceous, very pale brown fabric (ca ... Context of 110 to early 1st century after Christ ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 514

Bottom, handle, and two-thirds of body and rim restored. Two grooves on exterior of rim. Light red fabric (2.5YR 6/6) with mica, small grits, and voids; gritty, shiny red glaze (2.5YR 4.8), with lower ... 100-25 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 852

Part of foot and much of rim and wall restored. Angular foot; grooved resting surface; flat underside. Slightly incurved rim. Rouletting. Mottled black and red glaze, brown on stacking circle and underside ... 110-86 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1261

Center of floor, one-fourth of foot, and three-fourths of wall and rim restored. Angular foot; flat resting surface. Shallow body. Shiny red glaze with black areas; finger marks on foot and lower wall ... 86-10 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1292

Half of body and rim restored. Angular rim inclined to inside. Very flaring body with two grooves at bottom and top. Angular knob with light groove in top of raised edge; slightly pointed center. Knob: ... 50-10 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1291

A few small areas restored. Rim strongly inclined to inside. Flaring, bell-shaped body with two grooves at bottom and top. High knob, convex to outside, with groove in top of raised edge; convex center ... 50-10 ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 15:1: Well

Coins: 26 April 1932 #1 27 April 1932 #1-#2 Only the pottery from last 1.00m of fill retained. Finds recorded in both Δ and Δ'. See Δ nbp. 114 for division of Δ into two parts, northern (Δ) and southern ... 4th c. A.D ... Agora


[Agora Publication] Pottery of the Roman Period: Chronology

Robinson, H. S ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... A group of closed deposits, ranging in date from the 1st century B.C. to the early 7th century A.D., provide evidence for the relative and absolute chronology of pottery used during many centuries of Roman ... 1959 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1589

Barbotine Cup Or Jug. Lower body and most of wall and rim restored. Ovoid body, upper two-thirds decorated with five rows of barbotine bosses. Body angles in to rim at top. Low rim, convex to outside ... Context of 110 to early 1st century after Christ ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1604

Plate With Upturned Rim. Center of floor, most of rim, and large parts of wall restored. Small ring foot, convex to outside; rounded resting surface. Low, vertical rim. Rouletting bounded by single grooves ... Context of 110 to early 1st century after Christ ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1275

Rim and about half of wall restored. Two grooves at bottom and top of wall, which has slightly concave-convex profile. Flaring, angular knob; top of raised edge lightly grooved; pointed center. Knob: ... 120-86 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 513

Upper body and many pieces of lower body missing. Flat underside. Dull black glaze with metallic patches ... 140-130? ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 7:2: Grave in North Peristyle of Hephaisteion (Grave LXII)

Grave in north peristyle of Hephaisteion. Grave LXII in notebook. No mention of bones. Pottery discarded. Coins: 11 March 1939 #15 14 March 1939 #5 Neg. KK 385 ... 18 March 1939 ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 7:1: Xian Burial V

Once vaulted chamber north of Hephaisteion. Grave V in notebook. Vault gone. Five skulls. Pottery discarded. Coins: 17 April 1936 #2 ... 27-28 April 1936 ... Xian Burial V

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1547

Lagynos. Underside, parts of body, and most of handle restored. Flaring ring foot; flat resting surface. Flattened globular body. Fairly long, tubular neck. Flaring rim, flat on top and undercut on ... Second half of 1st century (context of 110 to early 1st century after Christ) ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 5:1: Cistern

Evidence of stratification into five layers, although joins between the layers. Layer VI added when the construction of the Roman building above required it. No subdivisions assigned. Flask-shaped cistern ... Early 3rd-late 2nd c. B.C ... Agora


[Agora Notebook Page] ΒΔ-6-105 (pp. 1192-1193)

Lamp. Cup. Agora V, F12-F14 ... ΒΔ-6 1192, 1193 L 5660 ΒΔ 469 L 5659 P 28468 L 5660 P 28468 ... 11 May 1971 ... Agora V, F12-F14

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 964

Half of wall and rim missing. Flaring foot; flat, narrow resting surface; pointed underside. Strongly flaring rim. Rouletting on floor. Very micaceous, reddish yellow fabric (5YR 6/6); shiny red glaze ... 150-125 ... Agora


[Agora Drawing] PD 1162 (DA 3406)

Collecting basin and drain; plan and section ... J.T.? ... HSR group K ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 962

One-third of rim restored. Outwardly beveled resting surface; slightly convex underside. Lower body nearly horizontal, upper body slightly flaring. Two circles on floor. Very micaceous, reddish yellow ... 150-125 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 511

About one-third of body and most of rim restored. Flat underside. Convex rim. Double handle parting and running along rim at top, bound with loop of clay at arch. Fabric slightly dark for Attic (5YR 5/6); ... 140-130 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 512

Handle and chips of rim and body missing. Slightly concave underside. Very good shiny black glaze ... 140-130 ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 552

Handle missing, rim chipped. Slightly concave bottom with crisp edge. Scraped groove at base of rim. Shiny black glaze; finger marks on wall ... 150-130 ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 11:1: Well

Well cut through the floor of a cistern. Apparently a dumped fill in an unused well. Coins: 16 March 1934 #15 (illegible) 17 March 1934 #2 19 March 1934 #1-#4 20 March 1934 #1-#3 22 March 1934 #1 23 March ... 1st-early 2nd c. A.D ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1584

Two-handled Cup. Center of floor missing; many areas restored. Flaring, angular ring foot; flat resting surface. Incurved body with groove at top. High, vertical rim, slightly convex to outside, with ... Context of 110 to early 1st century after Christ ... Agora


[Agora Deposit] F 9:1: Pit tomb, child inhumation

Grave 15 in notebook. Burial of child (E.L. Smithson: Grave XIV: PG). Single bone. Nb. says: few bones. Negs. KK 24 and KK 30 431 ... Developed to Late Protogeometric ... Agora

[Agora Object] Agora XXIX, no. 1577

Two-handled Cup. One handle, one-third of rim, and part of foot and floor restored. Slightly nippled underside. Light brown fabric (7.5 YR 6/4); thin, gray glaze, orange in places. Similar, from same ... Context of 160-130 ... Agora

[Agora Deposit] F 12:3: Well

Originally a well but after it had been in use for a short time the shaft was partially filled in and the upper part widened to form a large cistern. The pottery falls into three distinct groups ... however, ... 335-250 B.C ... Agora


[Agora Image] 2012.50.0415 (V-14)

Sculpture group fragments ... AMS Horizontal (normal) ... Sculpture group fragments.


[Agora Drawing] PD 1161 (DA 3432)

Cistern D 4:1. Plan and section ... J.T.? N.A.W ... HSR group B. Dirty Cartridge Paper Drafting Ink ... Agora


[Agora Notebook Page] ΒΔ-2-77 (pp. 340-341)

Beaker Fragment: Thorn Ware. Agora V, F 23. Cup Fragment. Agora V, G 45 ... ΒΔ-2 340, 341 P 28293 ΒΔ 153 L 5592 P 8937 P 28294 P 9844 P 28293 P 28294 ... 23 May 1970 ... Agora V, F 23 ... Agora V, G 45