[Agora Object] A 1843: Animal's Head Fragment

Broken at both ends and at back; finished lower edge. Chipped. Part of a large muzzle and eye (?). Good roof tile fabric with smooth buff slip. ADDENDA A spout of an eaves tile? Published as an archetype ... 1933 ... Published as an archetype ... archetype known.


[Agora Object] T 1437: Couch Fragment

Corner of couch for mid 5th c. (?) banqueter figure. Archetype fragment. Hellenistic House no. 4, room A, strosis 2. Leica ... 10 April 1937 ... Corner of couch for mid 5th c. (?) banqueter figure. Archetype fragment.

[Agora Object] T 4052: Mold Fragment for Ear

Broken at right and bottom. Mold for part of left ear of protome or mask, with edge of stephane above. Pale yellow clay. Cf. T 4051. ADDENDA With fragment MC 1227b are parts of another mould, probably ... 27 June-5 August 1972 ... from the same archetype.

[Agora Object] T 3255: Female Head

Female head wearing veil and stephane; long curls. The fabric strangely like plastic lekythos. No slip. Curious yellowish-green hard clay. ADDENDA Secondary archetype. Surface, found under tracks. Leica, ... 18 April 1953 ... archetype.


[Agora Object] MC 1227: Mold Fragments

Both fragments broken all around. Mold for a protome. a) Lower part of right side of neck and top of garment. Back of mold smooth with handprints. b) With fragment no. T 4052 are parts of another mould, ... 27 June-5 August 1972 ... from the same archetype


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 249, p. 233

P-. Sarapis, cult of. Pan, sanctuary on Ilissos. Sarcophagi, Attic. Pannonia. Sekoundos. Panels. Sicily. Pardos. Sidi Gaber lamps. Parnes, cave. Signatures. Patras. Paulos. Bema of Phaedrus. SL. Phe- ... Agora 7 233 B 17:1 C 20:1 D 15:2 D 17:1 J 12:1 M 17:1 O 20:1 R 10:1 ... Sub-archetype


[Agora Object] T 2437: Mask of Papposilenos

Bearded satyr or silen with large ears; his bald brow crowned by a rolled wreath decorated with leaves. The head, open behind, made separately for attachment. Complete except for the tips of the ears broken ... 24 July 1947 ... the same archetype, but


[Agora Object] T 4147: Draped Female Figurine

Broken on two adjacent sides. Top and side preserved. Corner of plaque, whose flat surface curves out slightly towards bottom, where there is the badly preserved remains of a draped left shoulder of a ... 2 August 1973 ... Archetype. Pinkish-yellow fabric.