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[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 41, p. 25

Floruit Mid-3rd Century into the First Half of the 4th Century. Leonteus. Eutyches. Naumachios. Olympios. Incised Leaf. Bromios. Krateros. Soteros. Rouphos. Eudoros. Menodoros. Floruit 4th century. Stratolaos ... Agora 7 25 ... Bromios


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 246, p. 230

Bernini. Bird Head lamp. Boeotia. Branch, relief. Bromios. Branches. Broneer types. Broneer type XVI. Broneer type XVII. Broneer type XVIII. Broneer type XX. Broneer type XXII. Broneer type XXIII. Broneer ... Agora 7 230 C 14:2 E 2:1 K 20:1 M 18:1 M-Q 17-21 ... Bromios