[Agora Object] PNL 195: Type XVIII

Handle missing; nozzle broken off at the end. Mould-made. Naturalistic designs on top: cornucopiae? Raised ridges around filling hole. Vertical strap-handle. Incised before firing on base: ΓΑ. Cf. Identical ... 1932 ... Type XVIII

[Agora Object] PNL 183: Type XVIII

Watch shaped body: raised rim around sunken discus with small hole. Long triangular nozzle with ridges. Dots on body partly in ray form. Alpha on base, apex toward the vertical strap-handle. Cf. Broneer ... 1931 ... Type XVIII

[Agora Object] PNL 194: Type XVIII

Nozzle and fragment of body only. Triangular nozzle, depressions at 2 corners. Concave discus with small filling-hole. Shields in relief as decoration on shoulder. General shapes much like L 260. Clay: ... 1931 ... Type XVIII


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 246, p. 230

Bernini. Bird Head lamp. Boeotia. Branch, relief. Bromios. Branches. Broneer types. Broneer type XVI. Broneer type XVII. Broneer type XVIII. Broneer type XX. Broneer type XXII. Broneer type XXIII. Broneer ... Agora 7 230 C 14:2 E 2:1 K 20:1 M 18:1 M-Q 17-21 ... Broneer type XVIII ... Broneer types ... Broneer type XVI

[Agora Object] PNL 215: Type XVIII

Handle and fragment of rim only. Ridged rays radiating from broad raised rim around filling hole. Vertical strap handle. Lower portion of body appears to be undecorated. Clay: slightly gritty buff; traces ... 1931 ... Type XVIII

[Agora Object] PNL 216: Type XVIII

Top of lamp alone preserved. Flat discus with central hole. Wide raised ridge around it. Traces of vine-leaf design on rim. Vertical strap-handle. Clay: fine soft gray (burned); traces of black glaze ... 1931 ... Type XVIII

[Agora Object] PNL 219: Type XVIII

Fragment of top only. Small concave discus. On rim design of bucrania and lotus buds joined by garlands. Traces of vertical strap-handle. Bottom of body appears plain. Clay: orange; traces of red glaze ... 1931 ... Type XVIII

[Agora Object] PNL 176: Type XVIII

Watch shaped body; low base. Long narrow nozzle, decorated with ridges, herring bone ridge in center. Rays in relief around top. Lug on left side. Mould-made. Flattened ridge around filling hole. Slightly ... 1932 ... Type XVIII