[Agora Object] T 1217: Cornucopia

Horn-shaped object with a groove below the mouth and lumpy objects in the mouth. No glaze or trace of color. Well, bottom fill 1. 1st c. B.C. Leica ... 24 May 1936 ... Cornucopia


[Agora Object] T 912: Cornucopia Fragments

Fragment a) Top of double cornucopia broken off below. Filled with fruit: grapes, pomegranates, etc. It was attached behind to some object. Two small holes in one side, another in the back. White painted, ... 9-15 May 1935 ... Cornucopia Fragments

[Agora Object] T 3437: Cornucopia Fragment

Probably the top of a cluster of grapes that projected from the top of a cornucopia. Buff clay. Komos cistern, box 29. Ibid. , ΔΔ 525. Leica ... May-June 1947 ... Cornucopia Fragment

[Agora Object] T 460: Cornucopia Fragment

Cornucopia with grapes and leaves. Broken at the bottom. Mould-made with lenghtwise join. Traces of white paint. Part of a column against which a figure leaned. Late Roman. Trench T. Late Roman fill ... 25 May 1933 ... Cornucopia Fragment

[Agora Object] T 2712: Cornucopia Fragment

Upper part of a cornucopia (?), with fruit hanging from it. Lower part shows traces of attachment. One fruit preserved; two broken away. Solid; back rough. Red glaze for adhesive. Buff clay. Koukla factory ... 1939, 1946 ... Cornucopia Fragment


[Agora Object] T 3557: Cornucopia Fragment

On the cylindrical part of the cornucopia, three figures in relief; on top a bunch of grapes and two pomegranates Broken below. Unfinished behind. Remains of white. Buff clay. Well. 1288 Leica, 80-48-7 ... Summer 1957 ... Cornucopia Fragment


[Agora Object] T 1246: Cornucopia Fragment

The upper part of a cornucopia. Fruit hangs out at the top. Below a concave band two female figures in relief in panels. Roughly finished at the back with traces of attachment to a figure. The whole covered ... 11 June 1936 ... Cornucopia Fragment


[Agora Object] T 3133: Cornucopia Fragment

A large cornucopia with a band of leaves near the bottom. The back flattened. Traces of pink and yellow over white. Buff clay, reddish at break. Stoa of Attalos, Piers 16-17 E. Cutting strosis bottom of ... 16 April 1952 ... Cornucopia Fragment