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Howland type 44 D
Howland type 50 C
Howland type 58 Variant
Howland type 52 C
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Howland type 54 A
Howland type 54 B
Howland type 47 C
Howland type 58 B
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 2nd half of 1st-Middle of 2nd A.D.
86 A.D.
2nd half of 1st-Early 2nd A.D.
Late 1st B.C.-Early 1st A.D.
1st half of 2nd A.D.
Early 4th A.D.
Mid 2nd-3rd A.D.
Early 1st A.D.
3rd quarter of 3rd A.D.
2nd A.D.
Late 2st-Late 2nd A.D.
4th A.D.
2nd-Middle of 3rd A.D.
2nd half of 1st A.D.
1st-Early 2nd A.D.
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28 April 1949  
 B 17:1Strosis8-11 August 1947 17-22 March 1948 4 May 1949 26 March 1956 2 April 1956  
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Dipylon Master
Young XI 7
Large Oinochoe; Dipylon
Brann I 8
Brann I 4
Brann N 6
Kerameikos, V, 1, pl. 77
Banded Hydria
Kerameikos, V, 1, pl. 98, inv. 2158
Young X 1
Large Oinochoe; Late Geometric
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Brann Q 3
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Brann L 8
Brann L 9
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Large Oihochoai
Slender-Necked Oinochoe; Late Geometric
Burr 37
fig. 2
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Circle Oinochoe; Late Geometric
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Brann L 10
 3rd quarter of 8th B.C.
Mid 8th B.C.
Late 8th B.C.
Agora 8, s. 31, p. 17Painter of Amphora Athens 897
Athens 897
Athens 894
Stathatou Hand
Workshop of Athens 897
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Burr 6
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Workshops of Athens 894
Analatos Painter
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Polyphemos Painter
Ram Jug Painter
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IL 997Lead Curse Tablet (Defixio)30 March 1948Card: 4th c. B.C. 
I 3464Monument Fragments(a-b) (ΣΑ 17) February 1936 (c-g) (ΣΑ 804) 15 October 1949 (h-k) (ΣΑ 804) March 1950  
Agora 4, s. 244, p. 234Index of Deposits
Hesperia, XVII, 1948, p. 184 and pl. 65
Type 23 A; Flat Rims; Broad Open Bodies
Type 24 A; Grooved or Ridged Rims; Broad Open Bodies
Type 41; Sanctuary Lamps
Type 2 B; Lamps with Incurved Rims; Long Nozzles; Unglazed
Type 10; Early Argive-Corinthian Forms; Bridged Nozzles
Type 12 A; Lamps with Flat Rims and Central Cones; Flat Bases
Type 25 B Prime; Globular Bodies; Thick Bases; Pierced Lugs Added; Unglazed
Type 46 B; Traditional Body Design; Decorated Tops; Broad Rim around Filling-Hole
Type 29 A; Lamps with Watch-Shaped Lagynos Profiles; Narrow Ridges around Filling-Holes
Type 42 C; Moulded; with Moulded Lugs; Curved and Flat-Rimmed Nozzles
Type 43 C; Wide Concave Ridged Tops
Type 43 D; Moulded; "Poor Relations"; Wide Bodies with Concave Ridged Tops
Hesperia, XVII, 1948, p. 193
Type 56 A; Early Roman; Imbricated Leaf with Tongue Decoration; Concave Top; Grooved Nozzle
Type 37 B; Collars Added to Globular Bodies; Pointed Nozzles
Hesperia, XX, 1951, p. 253
Type 26 B; Central Tubes with Covered Askoid Bodies
Type 16 Variants; Lamps with Overhanging Rims; Variant Features
Type 21 B; Curved Rims; Raised Bases
Type 21 D; Curved Rims; Restricted Use of Glaze
Type 22 C; Curved Rims, Banded or Grooved; Central Tubes
Hesperia, XX, 1951, pp. 115-116 and pl. 50b: pyre no. 2
Hesperia, XX, 1951, pp. 115-116 and pl. 50 b: pyre no. 2
Type 58 B; Early Roman; Rosette or Pellet Motif; Broad Tops
Hesperia, VI, 1937, pp. 349-352
Type 35 C Prime; Early Roman; Deeply Depressed Tops; Straight Side Walls; Unglazed
Type 52 H; Early Roman; Rays without Lugs; Concave Tops (Late)
Type 1; Cocked Hat Lamps; Unglazed
Type 4; Cocked Hat Lamps; Glazed and Wheelmade; Overhanging Rims
Hesperia, XXIV, 1955, p. 179, under no. 7
Hesperia, XVIII, 1949, pp. 298-351
Type 21 C; Curved Rims; Long Wide Nozzles
Type 23 C; Flat Rims; Tall Closed Bodies
Type 23 C Prime; Flat Rims; Tall Closed Bodies; Unglazed Exteriors
Type 25 A; Globular Bodies; Thick Bases
Type 24 A Prime; Grooved or Ridged Rims; Broad Open Bodies; Unglazed Exteriors
Type 24 C Prime; Grooved or Ridged Rims; Curved Closed Bodies; Unglazed Exteriors
 Late 5th-Early 4th B.C.
2nd quarter of 6th B.C.
1st-2nd quarter of 3rd B.C.
3rd B.C.
2nd-1st B.C.
2nd quarter of 5th B.C.
2nd half of 1st A.D.
Middle to 3rd quarter of 4th B.C.
End of 1st quarter of 6th B.C.
1st-3rd A.D.
End of 4th B.C.
4th quarter of 5th B.C.