Agora 29.1, s. 542, p. 503Howland, Type 35 A
Howland, Type 35 A'
Howland, Type 35 B
Howland, Type 35 C and C '
Howland, Type 35 D
Howland, Type 36 A
Agora 7, s. 244, p. 228Fill
Agora, IV, p. 244
Hesperia, V, 1936, p. 70
Hesperia, XXIV, 1956, p. 282, no. 1
Howland type 44 A
Howland type 52 B
Howland type 52 E
Howland type 52 Variant
Howland type 54 A
Howland type 54 B
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Howland type 54 C
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Howland type 52 A
Hesperia, IX, 1940, p. 295
Agora, IV, p. 245
Howland type 49 B
Howland type 53
Howland type 35 B
Howland type 44 C
Howland type 50 B
Howland type 51 D
Howland type 52 C
Howland type 52 G
Howland type 55 B
 Late 1st B.C.-Mid 1st A.D.
2nd half of 6th A.D.
Mid 3rd A.D.
Late 1st B.C.-1st A.D.
1st-8th A.D.
1st half of 1st A.D.-1st half of 3rd A.D.
Late 3rd-Earliest 4th A.D.
Late 1st B.C.-Early 1st A.D.
7th A.D.
Late 6th A.D.
Agora 7, s. 242, p. 226Well
Agora, IV, p. 239
Howland type 44 C
Hesperia, Suppl. IV, p. 101
Howland type 37 B
Hesperia, XXII, 1953, p. 42
Howland type 52 H
Hesperia, XXI, 1952, p. 110
Howland type 50 B
Howland type 52 C
Agora, V, Group M
Agora, IV, p. 242
Howland type 35 B
Howland type 54 B
Howland type 54 C
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Hesperia, XXIV, 1955, p. 283, no. 5
Hesperia, VII, 1938, pp. 353-355, fig. 41
 15 A.D.-2nd half of 1st A.D.
2nd half of 1st-1st half of 3rd A.D.
4th quarter of 3rd-4th A.D.
Late 2nd-Early 6th A.D.
7th-8th A.D.
1st A.D.
1st-Early 5th A.D.
3rd A.D.
4th-Early 5th A.D.
Mid 3rd A.D.
Early 4th A.D.
Late 1st-Mid 3rd A.D.
5th A.D.
Mid 1st-Late 6th A.D.
Late 1st-Early 3rd A.D.
Early 1st A.D.
Middle of 3rd A.D.
2nd A.D.
End of 2nd-Early 3rd A.D.
1st half of 2nd A.D.
Ω-12-11 (pp. 2212-2213)Lead Casing ?
Stamped Amphora Handle: Knidian
Two-Spouted Lamp
Howland, Type 43 E, #565, and Type 35 B, #476
29 May 1970  
Agora 7, s. 28, p. 12Attic Lamps; Lamps of the Late 1st Century Before Christ through the 2nd Century After Christ
Howland type 35 C
Howland type C'
Howland type 35 D
Howland type 35 Variants
Howland Type 44 C
Howland Type 44 D
Ephesos lamps and Attic imitations
Howland Type 49 A
Howland Type 49 B
Imitations of Knidos lamps
Howland Type 50 B
Howland Type 50 C
Howland Type 52 B
Howland Type 52 Variants
Broad Tongues
Howland Type 53
Garland of olive, ivy and other leaves
Howland Type 54 A
Howland Type 54 Variants
Imbricated leaves
Howland Type 55 B
Howland Type 55 C
Howland Type 56 A
Howland Type 56 B
Garlanded boukrania
Howland Type 57
Rosette or pellet
Howland Type 58
Howland Type 58 Variants
Miscellaneous moulded
Howland no. 826
Howland type 44 C
Howland type 44 D
Howland type 52 H
Howland type 53
Howland type 54 D
Howland type 54 Variants
Howland type 55 C
Howland type 58 B
Howland type 58 Variants
O. Broneer, "A Late Type of Wheel-made Lamps from Corinth," A.J.A., XXXI, 1927, pp. 328ff.
Agora 7, s. 27, p. 11Attic Lamps
Howland type 35
Agora 7, s. 78, p. 62Howland type 26 B
Agora, IV, 412
Howland type 29 A
Agora, IV, 191
Agora, IV, 375
Agora, IV, 8
Agora, IV, 9
Howland type 2 B
Agora, IV, 46
Howland type 6 B
Agora, IV, 115
Agora, IV, 58
Howland type 8
Howland type 33 B
Howland type 45 C
Note on the Chronology of 3rd and 4th Century Lamps
Agora, IV, p. 25
Agora, IV, p. 84
Agora, IV, p. 95
Agora, IV, p. 35
Howland type 51 B
Howland type 51 Variants
Howland type 48 C
Howland type 46 A
Howland type 46 D
Howland type 47 B
Howland type 48 A
A. Brueckner, Ath. Mitt. LVI, 1931, p. 7
Ω-16-44 (pp. 3078-3079)Lamp
Howland Type 43 D
Lamp Fragment
Howland Type 43 B
Howland Type 43 A
7 May 19714th quarter of 3rd-1st half of 2nd B.C.
3rd-4th quarter of 3rd B.C.
2nd half of 3rd B.C.