[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 248, p. 232

Howland Type 53. Cistern. Lamps stands. Well. Pit. Laureion mines. Howland Type 54. Lead token. Leaf Shop. Howland Type 55. Howland Type 56. Lenaios. Howland Type 57. Leo-. Leonteus. Howland Type 58. Loeschcke ... Agora 7 232 D 4:1 D 11:1 E 14:7 Q 13:1 S 21:3 A 18:1 M 17:1 N 19:1 R 10:1 R 13:1 R 13:2 D 12:1 N 20:5 B 14:3 B 21:1 C 14:4 ... Incised Leaf Shop ... Leaf Shop


[Agora Object] SS 10049: Stamped Amphora Handle: Thasian

Leaf. Early Thasian. Cleaning south side of Drain A. [Κ]λ̣εόφων | Θασίων | Φείδιππο̣[ς] leaf 5042 Leica ... 14 June 1947 ... Stoa Shop IV-Vitrine N

[Agora Object] SS 6817: Stamped Amphora Fragment: Latin

Fragment apparently from neck of large amphora. Gritty orange clay; pale buff slip on outside. Rectangular stamp (letters in intaglio). Dim: W 0.068 Great drain. DO leef? N AS ! VL 1786 Leica ... 1936 ... Stoa Shop IV-Vitrine S

[Agora Object] P 24919: Pithos Fragment: Stamped

Fragment preserving a little of shoulder with molded ridge above stamped spiral band. Slightly micaceous heavy fabric; light brown on exterior, bright red within. Well in Stoa Shop III, upper fill. Context ... March 1955 ... Black and Plain Pottery | Pithos | Impressed or Incised Decoration

[Agora Object] P 32153: Vessel Fragment with Incised Decoration

Shoulder fragment. Round-bellied form. Remains of floral scroll, incised with white dot-rows and ivy-leaf (faint). Light yellow-brown ware; metallic red gloss on outside. 'Pontic' Terra Sigillata? Catalogued ... 10 April 1934 ... Vessel Fragment with Incised Decoration


[Agora Object] AP 2422: Amphora: Chian

Restored in plaster. Incised letter and painted Λ. Thin band and vertical one. Buff, brown glaze on rim. Carl Roebuck, Nb. No. 7. Well A, 22.05-22.45m. 353 VG 623.22-(23,24,25) ... 12 May 1930 ... Stoa Shop IV


[Agora Object] P 5174: Amphora with Graffito

Fragments missing from wall; restored in plaster. Piriform body, terminating below in a knob. Rim neatly profiled, flat on top. Incised at root of neck: Fine red clay, unglazed. Well by Stoa Pier 3 ... 12-15 March 1935 ... Stoa Shop IV

[Agora Object] P 23661: Stemless Cup with Incised Decoration

Mended from many fragments; one handle and much of rim and body missing; two rim and wall fragments do not join. Restored in plaster. Heavy moulded ring foot; rim offset on inside only. Double row of ... November 1953 ... Stemless Cup with Incised Decoration