[Agora Publication Page] Agora 7, s. 248, p. 232

Howland Type 53. Cistern. Lamps stands. Well. Pit. Laureion mines. Howland Type 54. Lead token. Leaf Shop. Howland Type 55. Howland Type 56. Lenaios. Howland Type 57. Leo-. Leonteus. Howland Type 58. Loeschcke ... Agora 7 232 D 4:1 D 11:1 E 14:7 Q 13:1 S 21:3 A 18:1 M 17:1 N 19:1 R 10:1 R 13:1 R 13:2 D 12:1 N 20:5 B 14:3 B 21:1 C 14:4 ... Loeschcke Type VII ... Loeschcke types ... Loeschcke Type III


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 6, s. 7, p. vii

Table of Contents. Preface. List of Illustrations. Abbreviations. Introduction. Chronology. Technique. Style. Comparative Material. Uses. Subjects. Types. Coroplasts. Types of Figurines. Types of Figurines; ... Agora 6 vii ... Types ... Types of Figurines ... Types of Figurines; Divinities


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 30, s. 7, p. vii

Lids. Askoi. Askoi; Shallow. Askoi; Deep. Askoi; Strainer. Plates. Plates; Type A. Plates; Type B. Plates; Fish Plates. Plates; Type Uncertain. Kalathoids. Kantharoi. Kantharoi; Type A. Kantharoi; Type ... Agora 30 vii ... Plates; Type A ... Plates; Type B ... Plates; Type Uncertain


[Agora Publication Page] Agora 4, s. 8, p. vii

Table of Contents. Preface. List of Plates. Abbreviations and Select Bibliography. Introduction. Types of Lamps. Types 1-2 (Handmade). Types 3-40 (Wheelmade). Type 41 Sanctuary Lamps. Types 42-58 (Mouldmade) ... Agora 4 vii ... Types of Lamps ... Types 1-2 (Handmade) ... Types 3-40 (Wheelmade)

[Agora Object] PNL 44: Type VII a

Base alone preserved. The base is peculiar in that the bottom is elaborately moulded, and the center is very concave, as a result of which a sharp cone projects in the inside. Very much like Type 7 ... 1932 ... Type VII a

[Agora Object] PNL 227: Type VII a

Fragment of body, and nozzle only. Clay: fine reddish; black glaze inside and out. Assembly Place, behind retaining wall of Period III ... 1931 ... Type VII a

[Agora Object] PNL 36: Type VII a

A portion of rim and nozzle alone preserved. Almost straight sides; top is flat near the edge. Deep groove around filling hole at some distance from it. Two shallow rills around edge of top. Clay: ... 1932 ... Type VII a

[Agora Object] PNL 54: Type VII a

Fragment or rim alone preserved. Two grooves around concave rim, which also is grooved. Horizontal loop-handle. Rounded body. Clay: fine reddish (burned). Black glaze except in grooves. Assembly Place, ... 1932 ... Type VII a