[Agora Publication] The Asine Sima

Wells, Berit ... American School of Classical Studies at Athens ... Hesperia 59.1 1 157-161 10.2307_148129 ... 1990 ... Wells (1990)

[Agora Deposit] F 12:6: Well 3

Possibly a short period of use but chiefly a debris filling including a number of fragments from disturbed early burials. Two pot fragments, believed to be from lower body of P 18525, added from Well 3 ... Ca. 575-550 B.C ... Well 3


[Agora Object] P 5265: Red Figure Lekythos

Squat lekythos. Similar in shape and decoration of P 5262 (Β 1405) and P 5264 (Β 1407). Mended from several pieces; lip, handle and fragments from wall missing. Winged, draped Nike walking right to an ... 4 April 1935 ... ARV, p. 761, no. 3. (Well P.)

[Agora Deposit] G 11:3: Well

Well (stone-curbed shaft) near middle of Tholos which served the prior building. Period of Use dated to ca. 500-480(?) B.C., Upper fill dated to ca. 480-470 B.C. or soon after in Agora XXX (a gradual ... Ca. 500-480 B.C ... Well


[Agora Deposit] H 13:6: Well

Laura Gawlinski ... Well in courtyard of Early Building I, adjacent to wall of Room B. Tile lined; upper course in situ, lower two collapsed probably in antiquity. Letters inscribed on rims (eta, phi, omicron, theta). Medium ... First quarter of the 4th c. B.C ... Well

[Agora Deposit] C 19:14: Well

Byzantine pottery begins after 4.70m.; above that Roman. Diameter 0.92m; water level -5m. Tiled well; height of tiles 0.62m ... Byzantine re-use of Roman well ... Well

[Agora Deposit] H 15:1: Well

Well N ... Middle Geometric ... Well

[Agora Deposit] N 11:2: Well

Well at 74/ΜΒ ... Early Byzantine ... Well