[Agora Object] I 78: Prytany Decree Fragments

Two fragments from the upper part of a stele with pedimental top. Both corners, with finials, are preserved, the right hand piece mended from six fragments; the left hand, from two. The central part of ... 125/4 B.C ... I 78 ... I 78 ... Ε


[Agora Object] I 5953: Ephebic Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment of stele. Inscrib ed face, stippled. Left side, and rough picked back preserved. Hymettian marble. ADDENDA Fragment from the left side of IG II2, no. 1006, lines 88-116. Transferred ... 123/2 B.C ... I 5953 ... I 5953 ... ΣΑ 205


[Agora Object] I 4917: Prytany Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment. Inscribed face and left side only preserved. Archon, Demetrios. Twenty-eight lines of the inscription preserved. Hymettian marble. Cf. Hesperia 26 (1957), p. 72. Found in late Roman ... 123/2 B.C ... I 4917 ... I 4917 ... Ζ 1202


[Agora Object] I 684: Prytany Decree Fragments

Fragments of pediment-topped stele; from a stele with a decree. Prytany decree of the year of Demetrios. Fragment Ζ 427 a), right half of gabled top preserved, with a fragment of the stele proper below ... 123/2 B.C ... I 684 ... I 684 ... Ζ 427


[Agora Object] I 1594: Decree Fragment

Fragment of inscribed stele. Part of a pediment preserved, broken off at the right and behind; rough picked on the top. Close to the apex, part of an acroterion. Inscribed below the pediment, the inscribed ... 122/1 B.C ... I 1594 ... I 1594 ... Γ 276

[Agora Deposit] B 18:12: Well

Diameter 0.83m. Water level -4.20m. Tiled well; height of tiles 0.60m. Heavy deposit of pottery throughout; stamped amphora handles, five Knidian; one Rhodian; one Parian. Semi-coarse stamnos; funnel-mouthed ... Ca. 120 B.C ... B 18:12 ... B 18:12

[Agora Object] I 4547: Marble Fragment

Inscribed fragment of funerary (?) monument. Inscribed face only preserved. Seven lines of the inscription preserved. Pentelic marble. Found in modern context under Acropolis Street, west of the late Roman ... Ca. 120 B.C ... I 4547 ... I 4547 ... ΟΑ 34

[Agora Object] I 6422: Prytany Decree Fragment

Inscribed fragment from upper left corner of stele. Part of moulding above preserved but broken at top surface; rough picked back, and smooth picked left side preserved; relief above. Decree honoring prytaneis ... 118/7 B.C ... I 6422 ... I 6422 ... Τ 1056