[Agora Deposit] C 18:2.1: Top

Early 3rd c. A.D ... Top

[Agora Deposit] D 18:6: A. Walker Coin Deposit in House C in ΟΟ

House C, Room 5, small hoard. Deposit created by A.W. and first appears in his thesis (Biblio. below). "Another small hoard or purse of Herulian date", A.Walker (1980), p. 127. Coins: 23 June 1947 #7-#13 ... Ca. 267 A.D ... D 18:6 ... D 18:6

[Agora Deposit] F 17:2: Jewelry and Coins

Deposit of jewelry in hypocaust area (92/ΙΗ) of Bath to East of Poros Building. Coins: 8 April 1948 #12-#47 ... 2nd-3rd c A.D ... Jewelry and Coins


[Agora Deposit] E 18:6: Herulian Destruction Debris

Roman Bath, Herulian destruction debris in A3. The high proportion of vessels for eating suggests that this was not the actual bath fill but was probably dumped in from the ruined houses higher on the ... Second half of 3rd and into 4th c. A.D ... Herulian Destruction Debris

[Agora Deposit] D 17:16: Pithos

Pithos in NW corner (room) of Poros Building. Marble chips ... Mid-4th c.? ... D 17:16 ... D 17:16