[Agora Object] I 500: Marble Fragment: Prytany list

Fragment of inscribed stele. Part of smooth picked top and rough back preserved. Other edges broken. Above the inscription a horizontal groove. Remains of six lines of the inscription. Pentelic marble ... Ca. 210 A.D ... I 500 ... I 500 ... Ζ 86


[Agora Coin] N 17654

Smyrna ... Coin no. 12. Casts stored in Lab Case No. 52D IOV MAMΕ-A CΕB[ACTH] Bust of Julia Mamaea r. [CMYP]NAIωN γ NΕωKOPωN Επ C γ K δIOγΕ-NO[YC] Amazon (Smyrna) standing l., with temple in r., bipennis and pelta ... 222-235 A.D ... Ζ-984 ... N 17654 ... N 17654


[Agora Object] I 4790: Dedication Fragment

Inscribed fragment of altar (?). Apparently the mid part of a small altar; preserved to its original height and thickness, broken to right and left; its top slightly scooped out; its face front and back ... Ca. 240 A.D ... I 4790 ... I 4790 ... Ζ 1114

[Agora Coin] N 18445

Thessalonike ... Time of Philipus I(?). Coin no. 18. θΕ[CCA]|λON[IKH] Bust of city goddess r., veiled and turreted. θΕC|CAλO|NIKΕ|ωN in laurel wreath ... 243-249 A.D ... Ζ-1756 ... N 18445 ... N 18445


[Agora Object] I 1567: Decree Fragments

Inscribed fragments. Decree honorship Ulpius Fubiotus. Fragment Β 296 a), part of flat, smooth picked top preserved; otherwise broken. Nine lines of the inscription preserved. Fragment Ζ 1047 b), rough ... Ca. 220-250 A.D ... I 1567 ... I 1567 ... Β 296


[Agora Coin] N 16599

Athens ... Coin no. 35. Old grid: ca. 14/Γ. Casts in Lab Case No. 52D Head of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet; truncation with slight drapery. Border of dots. AθHNA|IωN (legend in ex. only) From l. to r., amphora, ... Ca. 264-267 A.D ... Ζ-393 ... N 16599 ... N 16599

[Agora Coin] N 16744

Athens ... Coin no. 1. In Roman strosis. Bust of Athena r., draped, wearing Corinthian helmet. Border of dots. AθHNAI-ω-N Zeus standing, nude, to r., holding thunderbolt at side with r. hand and sacrificing with ... Ca. 264-267 A.D ... Ζ-415 ... N 16744 ... N 16744

[Agora Coin] N 17891

Athens ... Coin no. 27. Cast in Lab Case 52D General. Bust of Athena r., wearing Corinthian helmet. Border of dots. AθHN|AIωN beneath Four-legged table. On table top, from l. to r., owl standing r., head of Athena ... Ca. 264-267 A.D ... Ζ-1214 ... N 17891 ... N 17891