[Agora Object] A 2701: Fence Post

Fragment of post from the peribolos of the Eponymous heroes. Dowel cutting on top for capping block, slot on sides for wooden rails; on inner and outer faces a shallow groove at top and tapering towards ... 14 May 1957


[Agora Image] 2012.52.0612 (XXXV-96)

Fragment of Odeion parapet ... AMS Horizontal (normal) ... ca. 1948


[Agora Image] 2012.53.1000 (LIX-5)

Fragments of the lyre from Apollo Patroos statue ... AMS Horizontal (normal) ... ca. 1953


[Agora Image] 2012.53.1001 (LIX-6)

Fragments of kithara of Apollo Patroos ... AMS Horizontal (normal) ... ca. 1953


[Agora Deposit] O 13:3: Square Byzantine Well South of Middle Stoa Pier 21

Square Byz. Well South of Middle Stoa Pier 21 (Iliad Well) Estimated Grid ... Byzantine

[Agora Deposit] T 13:1: Well

Tile-lined well at T/7-13/10,ca. 0.75m in diameter, top at ca. 64.90. Three tiles per circuit, ca. 0.63m high each; 10 rows of tiles. No POU. Fill was largely dumped earth of the 3rd and 4th c. A.D., apparently ... Late 3rd to 5th century A.D.


[Agora Object] A 41: Fragments of Kithara of Apollo Patroos

Five fragments. The larger fragment, c), is broken at both ends, as is the scroll underneath. Part of the finished top is preserved. It is flattened and well dressed at the back. The front has a raised ... 17 June 1931, 3 July 1931