[Agora Deposit] Q 13-14:1: Cistern at 21/ΙΗ

Cistern at 21/ΙΗ Period of use fill dated to ca. 375-350 B.C., Upper fill dated to mostly first half of 6th c. B.C. in Agora XXX ... Ca. 375-350


[Agora Image] 2012.56.0492 (82-477)

Drawign of demi-glazed and plain pottery ... AMS Horizontal (normal)


[Agora Image] 2012.55.0431 (80-342)

Kados (left) and amphora (centre, right) ... AMS Horizontal (normal)

[Agora Deposit] G 14:2: Well

Tiled well, three fills noted: lower fill of earth and stones with a few fragments only of coarse pottery (none inventoried, containers 66-71); middle filling a heavy deposit primarily of table ware, apparently ... 4th-2nd c. B.C. 100-70 B.C.