[Agora Deposit] H-K 12-14: Middle Stoa Building Fill

Middle Stoa Building Fill (with filling to S) (See also Κ: H-I-J 14-15 and Λ: K-M 13-14) This deposit is not definitive and must be considered with the above deposits before details are entered into database; ... to ca. 180 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] P-R 6-12: Stoa Construction Fill

Stoa Construction Fills (n.b. for all Stoa and pre-Stoa fills later than construction filling of Square Peristyle see P-R 6-12) xx ... Before ca. 150 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] Q 8-9:1: Filling over Floor of Square Peristyle

Filling over Floor of Square Peristyle (beneath Stoa) ... 200 B.C.


[Agora Object] P 1498: Moldmade Krater Fragment: West Slope

Medallion, mended from six fragments. An Eros rides on the tail of a Nereid, left, who blows on a conch shell and carries a jug(?). Around the medallion, two scraped grooves; between them the stain of ... 9 March 1933


[Agora Object] P 20910: Bowl Fragment with Relief Decoration

Medallion: ivy-wreathed bust in high relief. Dull modelling. Black glaze inside and out. Cf. P 21625. Pit to east of N.E. corner of Stoa of Attalos; packing of TC drain at foot of north wall of Square ... 6 June 1950


[Agora Object] P 2972: Bowl Fragment with Relief Decoration: West Slope

A footless bowl with flaring sides. An irregular white zigzag surrounds what appears to be intended for an ornamental medallion in the center, with erotic scene, composed of added bits of clay. Brownish-black ... 15 March 1933


[Agora Object] P 8898: Black Glaze Bowl Fragment with Relief Decoration

Fragment from base preserved. Small foot ring, with second ring inside; outside walls with horizontal ribbing. Inside in center, surrounded by row of white dots, and a reserved groove, a head in high relief, ... 12 February 1937


[Agora Object] P 15256: Medallion Fragment

From a black glazed Hellenistic bowl with very low ring foot. At the center of the floor, in high relief, two heads, kissing. Glaze dull and somewhat chipped inside and out. ADDENDA Probably Cupid and ... 23 May 1939