[Agora Lot] Φ 262: Well at 67/ΛΖ (66/ΛΖ)

Selected black glaze; finer ware ... July 1958

[Agora Lot] Ω 164: Cistern at 60/ΙΕ

a) Upper fill. Selected finer fabric; West Slope; unguentaria fragments etc. b-f) Lower fill. Selected fine. b) Lamp fragments, West Slope, Megarian bowls (note non with petals). c) Larger fragments, black ... 2nd half of 3rd-Early 2nd A.D.

[Agora Lot] ΜΜ 140: Cistern at 44/Η, -4.60m to Bottom.

Half pots. AS 845-846. AS 954-P taken vii/97 by SIR. T 134-142 resorted by SIR in 1997 ... 4th-3rd B.C.