[Agora Lot] ΜΜ 140: Cistern at 44/Η, -4.60m to Bottom.

Half pots. AS 845-846. AS 954-P taken vii/97 by SIR. T 134-142 resorted by SIR in 1997 ... 4th-3rd B.C.


[Agora Object] P 607: Bowl: West Slope

Mended from several fragments; bit of rim missing. Rim slightly thickened. Two pairs of grooves around outside; very small resting surface, rising slightly in center. Covered with a grayish-black, slightly ... 22 April 1932

[Agora Object] P 25627: Bowl Fragment: West Slope

Small wall fragment, from bowl(?). Outside: two concentric grooves. Inside: daisy with looped stem, painted in white and applied clay. Clay pinkish-buff. Disturbed area. Leica ... 1933


[Agora Object] P 5814: Saucer: West Slope

Mended from several pieces; fragments from rim and wall missing. Plain flaring sides; the bottom slightly depressed to form a small resting surface. Five neat wheel-run grooves around the upper part of ... 30 May 1935

[Agora Deposit] E 3:1: Cistern at 44/Η

Cistern with considerable dumped fill. It may have been abandoned ca. 295-295 B.C.; it will have been filled by 280 B.C. Multiple vessels share same stamps, and painted vessels of same workshop are present ... Ca. 325-250 B.C.

[Agora Deposit] E 14:1: Cistern

Nbp. 2369: Two chamber cisterns, 88/ΛΔ and 100/ΚΘ, united by a long straight passage running almost due N-S. A draw shaft at 95/ΚΘ is set just off the course of the passage to the east and opening into ... Use filling of late 4th-early 3rd c. B.C. Accumulative fillings of late 3rd-early 2nd and late 1st c. B.C. Upper dumped filling of 3rd c. A.D.