[Agora Object] T 608: Head of Figurine

Broken in back, below, and at the left. Gouged technique. Traces of white, red and yellow paint. Leica ... 17 April 1934 ... T 608 ... T 608 ... Κ 595


[Agora Object] S 479: Portrait Head Fragment of Male Figure from Relief

The back of the relief preserved; elsewhere broken. Mouth and chin missing. Bearded male head facing. The pupils hollowed out. Stained from the cesspool. White marble. Drilled for setting on base December ... Hadrianic or Antonine period (?) ... S 479 ... S 479 ... Κ 607

[Agora Object] L 1455: Lamp

Complete except for nozzle. Spirals on panelled rim. On the discus, bust of Mithras, left. The handle solid grooved. On the bottom, circular groove, with a leaf. Thin red wash. Red clay. Type XXVIII ... 17 April 1934 ... L 1455 ... L 1455 ... Κ 596

[Agora Object] L 1456: Lamp

Intact. Plain rim with circles at nozzle and handle, and herringbone panels. Whirling rosette on the discus. On the bottom, three concentric grooves. Solid handle, grooved. Red clay and wash. Type XXVIII ... 17 April 1934 ... L 1456 ... L 1456 ... Κ 597