[Agora Object] P 12961: Black Glaze Oinochoe

Part of lip missing, two small holes in wall and chips from foot. Bulbous body with continuous curve from lip to base; base ring; trefoil lip; triangular handle from lip. Pinkish-buff clay. Good black ... 17 May 1938 ... P 12961 ... P 12961 ... Ω 669

[Agora Object] P 12962: Storage Amphora Fragment with Graffito

Fragment from lower neck with start of shoulder. On the shoulder, graffito broken at right: Light red to buff clay. Well, lower fill b, POU. Leica ... 17 May 1938 ... P 12962 ... P 12962 ... Ω 670

[Agora Object] P 12965: Vessel Fragment with Graffito

From large glaze-decorated pot with broad shoulder and short vertical rim: stamnos? Band of matte red paint around rim and top of shoulder. Graffito, incomplete at both ends, along edge of glaze on shoulder: ... 17 May 1938 ... P 12965 ... P 12965 ... Ω 675

[Agora Object] P 12966: Black Figure Miniature Hydria Fragment

Neck, rim and about half of wall missing; foot chipped; one horizontal handle preserved. Plump body; low flaring base. In a large reserved panel, its left edge concave, is preserved the lower part of a ... 17 May 1938 ... P 12966 ... P 12966 ... Ω 676

[Agora Object] P 12976: Hydria

Part of lip and both horizontal handles missing. Plump body with rounded shoulder; base ring; tall neck, vertical handle from well below rim to shoulder, flaring rim with downturned edge. Buff clay. On ... 17 May 1938 ... P 12976 ... P 12976 ... Ω 689

[Agora Object] P 12980: Duck Askos

Tip of tail and fragments from walls missing. Low ring foot; broad concave lip; flat band handle on the top. Thin pinkish-buff clay. Black wash (or deposit?) inside. Unglazed. Well, lower fill b, POU, ... 17 May 1938 ... P 12980 ... P 12980 ... Ω 694

[Agora Lot] Ω 82: House D; Room 3; Corresponding Fill Beside Wall f; Fill 1

17 May 1938 ... House D; Room 3; Corresponding Fill Beside Wall f; Fill 1

[Agora Lot] Ω 90: House D; Room 3;

Early 5th B.C ... House D; Room 3;