[Agora Object] S 1327: Herm Head

Small bearded male head, broken off below; chipped and stained. Head with full beard and mustache; the hair bound by a fillet. About a quarter life-size. Pentelic marble. Byzantine sand fill east of Great ... 31 March 1948 ... S 1327 ... S 1327 ... ΟΟ 471

[Agora Object] P 19171: Jug with Relief Decoration

Wall fragment from a mould-made cyclindrical jug; joint surface preserved at right. At top, a trace of the shoulder. On the wall, head facing, body three-quarters right, a goat-legged Pan; in his left ... 31 March 1948 ... P 19171 ... P 19171 ... ΟΟ 473


[Agora Object] G 325: Jug Fragment

Two joining fragments preserve cylindrical neck and collared lip of jug with edge of shoulder and part of strap handle below lip. Light green glass. North hypocaust room, furnace dump. Desturbed late Roman ... 31 March 1948 ... G 325 ... G 325 ... ΟΟ 545

[Agora Object] L 4424: Lamp: Maker's Mark

Intact, save for chips from top of handle. Double-grooved handle with small piercing; rosette in discus; panels on plain rim. Flat bottom with single circular groove. Within it in incised letters: "E Y" ... 31 March 1948 ... L 4424 ... L 4424 ... ΟΟ 472

[Agora Object] L 4448: Lamp Fragment: Maker's Mark

Single fragment preserves most of bottom and lower part of handle. Handle diagonally hatched between grooves. Letters incised on either side of palm leaf, within double groove. Unglazed. Thin buff clay ... 31 March 1948 ... L 4448 ... L 4448 ... ΟΟ 548


[Agora Object] G 320: Bowl or Plate Fragment

Wall fragment from very shallow bowl or plate. Fragment with narrow ribs in pairs in relief on side and rectangular pattern on bottom. Mold made. Opaque almost colorless glass. North hypocaust room, furnace ... 1 April 1948 ... G 320 ... G 320 ... ΟΟ 479