[Agora Deposit] D 12:1: Well

Stratified well with POU first half of 1st c. - mid 3rd c. A.D. and dumped fills of 4th and 5th-6th c. A.D. Finds from upper fills "earth": BI 315, L 2549. Finds from lower fills "earth": BI 302, BI 316, ... 1st to 3rd century and late 3rd to 6th century.

[Agora Deposit] D 12:1.1: Upper fills

From mouth to water level ... 1-18 April 1936


[Agora Object] L 2207: Plastic Lamp: Head of Negro

Complete except for handle at top of head behind filling hole. Wick hole through lips; filling hole at top. Ears pierced. A few traces of white; red glaze inside and traces of red on the hair. Type 47C ... 4 April 1936