[Agora Deposit] F 17:3: Well

Although separated by a sterile rocky fill the two use fillings are apparently one continuous accumulation (GRE). Packing around well includes SS 14261, P 25943-P 25953. These are not given a subdivision ... 350-300 B.C.


[Agora Image] 1997.18.0089 (80-598)

Classical pit cut in bedrock, west of the street bordering the Areopagus slopes (retaining wall of street at right). Center above, late tile drain; at left above, pit with well at 64/ΚΒ (Deposit F 17:3) ... 2871 Horizontal (normal) ... 14 Jun 1957


[Agora Object] G 551: Plate or Bowl Fragment

Flaring ring base and a little of floor preserved. Greenish glass. above 4.90m. Well, upper fill 1, above 4.90m. Early Roman. 2918 Leica ... 15 May 1957


[Agora Object] G 552: Bowl or Pyxis Fragment

About one-third of wall preserved and half of base. Low ring foot; walls concave to plain rim. Dark green glass. Well, upper fill 2. Early Roman. 2918 Leica PD 1103-3 ... 17 May 1957

[Agora Object] BI 759: Knucklebones

One has a large epsilon (E) scratched on side. Another is pierced from side to side. Well. Leica, Various vii-87 ... 22 May 1957